A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.
– Proverb 14:30

EnvyAcrylic on paper2014

Acrylic on paper

Among all emotions, only Envy possesses the quality to decoy. It is more devastating than Anger and more dangerous than Lust.

Work In Progress is here.

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NeighbourhoodPen and Ink wash2013

Pen and Ink wash

It’s an illustration I did last year. Drawn with pen and Ink wash.

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Red Blue Yellow and Earth

Red Blue Yellow and EarthAcrylic on canvas-board12"x16"May, 2014

Red Blue Yellow and Earth
Acrylic on canvas-board
May, 2014

Description: Still life painting with basic colour palette.

Experience: It’s a three days work. I once painted a hillside landscape with painting knife on this canvas but I did not like that so I reused the canvas and painted over. It’s sad to see when the efforts we put doesn’t come through well just because the cheapest camera couldn’t take it.

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