Cardinalis cardinalis

Painted from photo reference. Limited palette painting, by painting knife.
Photo Reference Credit: Sooper-Deviant.

Cardinalis cardinalis
Knife Painting
Acrylic on Canvas, 2014


Old Study of Acorn

Old study of an acorn, done in ink wash.


I’m still making the weekly practices, but I can’t upload them day by day because I don’t have a scanner or a good camera. There will a bulk post sometimes. And as I said I will upload only the ones worth sharing.
Have a nice Sunday.

Summer Breakfast


Acrylic on Paper, 2016

Done in entirely Earth tones (i.e. Raw and Burnt Umber, Raw and Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Indian Red, White, Ivory Black) as an experiment in selected palette.

Read more about it here – Log: An Earth Palette Painting.


Daily Drawing #1

I noticed I have not posted in this blog for a really long time. Also I have not been drawing or painting for pretty long. Except a few pieces here and there. I should brush up my skills. I set up the blog for that reason at the first place. To evolve.

Also, Google was giving me push notifications to set up a goal. So I decided to paint or draw every week. I will not post all the drawings or paintings that I make; I will post the ones worth sharing.

Here is the first instalment. Have a nice day.