Wandering vagabond .L (2)
My name is Swapnil Malakar.
I am a self-taught Traditional Artist.
I paint in acrylics mostly. I chose this medium because of its quick-drying time and the textures it yields when used in full force.
Besides, I have an obsession with Pen and Ink drawings. I am also a digital art enthusiast.
I am in love with colours. I paint because of the intense urge of creation that gets me.
The nature, nostalgia and several psychological states are the prime sources of my inspirations. Here you will witness my artistic evolution.
Thank you for visiting my works.
Wish you enjoy and feel the same as I did.

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##Other Interests:
†Currently living: So far…
†Alias: Goodnight-Melbourne/Bluebug
†Favourite genre of music: Country, Rock.
†Tools of Creation: Acrylic, brushes, Painting-knives, Watercolours, Mypaint, Darktable, logic tablet.
†Favourite art style: Impressionism, Realism, Pen and ink.
†Favourite artists: Rembrandt, Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Corot, George Inness, Leonid Afremov, Daniel Uytterhaeghe, Will Kemp, David Cheifetz, Andre Grobler, JMW Turner, Milind Mulick, Robert Fawcett, Angel Boligan, John Singer Sargent, Eugene Boudin, Arnold Lowrey.


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